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The Hotcakes Team


Andy Morris

Andy Morris

“Throughout my life, creativity has been the thread that weaves it all together.” I created Hotcakes New Media in 2008 as a production-based company after working in the non-profit sector. I have grown it into the diverse creative think-tank it is today. I am responsible for all creative decisions, I oversee all video production and design work, and I enjoy producing content.


Lorelei E. Miller

Lorelei Miller

“I’m getting rave reviews for my starring role as the keeper of the books (aka bookkeeper).” I attended Humber College’s Film and Television Production program. Since then, I have worked on several productions in Ottawa, and produced two short films. Recently, I have taken on the role as director on some projects. I am a dynamic, multi-faceted, and creative person. I love the creative and collaborative process of production.


David Jaeggin

David Jaeggin

“I wanted to take my passion for video and film production a little further.” I have been involved with the local television industry in Ottawa since my graduation from the Television & Broadcasting Program at Algonquin College in 2001. I am responsible for all video production requirements and I participate in all creative think sessions.


Tina-Michelle Prevost

Tina Prevost

“My passion and endless imagination drive me in all sorts of creative writing directions.” With my Major in Marketing, I know the importance of keeping a finger on the pulse of the latest trends. My priority is to deliver on the client’s expectations by bringing new, exciting and effective creative concepts to life.

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